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Thai movies

Postby poketdevil » Mon Jul 13, 2009 6:28 pm

Foreign movies and Thai movies

Nowadays, forging movies usually have more income per week than Thai movies. Therefore, I think Thai people like to see foreign movies more than Thai movies for 3 reasons.

The first and most important reason is Thai people think that forging movies are worth the ticket cost. Foreign movies have many effects and popular actors. Besides, they use high technology to make a movie. On the other hand, Thai movies use a little money for investment.

Moreover, foreign movies have more advertisement than Thai movies. They have many ways to promote a movie, such as, on TV, radio, signboard, and at bus stops. Some movies have to organize events for promoting movies.
Finally, foreign movies have different plots and ideas to make movies. They have interesting stories. On the opposite way, Thai movies may have the same idea as the previous movies.

In conclusion, Thai people like to see foreign movies because, they are worth the ticket cost, have interesting stories and have more advertisement. However, Thai people should support Thai movies by paying money to see Thai movies. Can you remember the last Thai movie that you see?

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