Victory Gundam - 22 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The Tiger Of Space{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 That debris doesn't appear to be too badly damaged. Perhaps there are survivors in there. Translate:
3 - I'll go take a look.\N- Please do. Translate:
4 Go investigate the bits to Marbet's left, Uso. Translate:
5 Shakti and the rest are getting further and further away from me, so why am I stuck out here doing something like this? Translate:
6 Uso! Translate:
7 I'm sorry! I was thinking of something! Translate:
8 Even if it's to save your friend, you'll only get yourself killed if you keep acting naive. Translate:
9 What's that light? Translate:
10 A survivor!? Translate:
11 Ms. Marbet! Translate:
12 Wait! Translate:
13 A flesh and blood opponent... Translate:
14 What are you waiting for!? Translate:
15 I can't attack! Translate:
16 Please don't! I surrender! Translate:
17 If you didn't resist, if you didn't resist Ms. Junko wouldn't have had to kill you! Translate:
18 You should have understood that! Translate:
19 He died meaninglessly. Translate:
20 We could have saved him if he'd kept hidden for a little bit longer. Translate:
21 Lt. Godwald, the Abigor's repairs will be completed soon. Translate:
22 All right! Eat up. Translate:
23 Time to eat...! Translate:
24 It looks they'll be performing the repairs on the La Vie en Rose 4. Translate:
25 I wish the Aineias was coming with us to be docked here as well. Translate:
26 I'm sure your sister will be fine. Translate:
27 Maybe, but... Translate:
28 If all of your relatives have survived, you'll be together again in no time. Translate:
29 You mean something happened to the Aineias!? Translate:
30 No, I didn't mean that! Translate:
31 You're getting real close, there... Translate:
32 It's not like that! Translate:
33 I'm sorry. Well, Jinn Gehennam has given the ship a new name. Translate:
34 Our new ship will now be known as the "Reinforce Junior"! Translate:
35 I never thought of renaming it the "Reinforce Junior"... Translate:
36 It's pretty big... Translate:
37 There's quite a bit of debris gathered here. Translate:
38 How can there be survivors in this? Translate:
39 Haro! It's Haro! Translate:
40 Ouch! Stop! Translate:
41 Haro! I was looking for you. Translate:
42 I took a picture, a picture... Translate:
43 A picture? Translate:
44 It's Karlmann, Suzy... and Flanders too! Translate:
45 Where did you take it!? Translate:
46 What is that? Translate:
47 That's the mobile suit we saw drifting... Translate:
48 Is that such a foolish thing? Translate:
49 "See you again" Translate:
50 There's someone there. Haro, come here. Translate:
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