Victory Gundam - 24 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Attack the Capital Translate:
2 Now, now, up you go! Translate:
3 There... Suzy, you've kept him pretty well fed. Translate:
4 Now it's my turn! Translate:
5 He's become strong! Translate:
6 Now, what you said about Katejina and Cronicle... Translate:
7 Why are they here? Translate:
8 They're here so that Shakti could meet her real mother. Translate:
9 Her real mother!? Translate:
10 In here!? Translate:
11 Cronicle discovered it. Translate:
12 They're over in that apartment. Translate:
13 Really!? Translate:
14 They're meeting in that apartment there? Translate:
15 After we found her on earth, we performed special blood tests and other procedures on this girl. These are the results. Translate:
16 I already knew that it would be accurate when I saw you. Translate:
17 I'm terribly sorry... Translate:
18 Cronicle, you're simply incapable of understanding a mother's feelings. Translate:
19 It's something that a man simply can't comprehend. Translate:
20 No, it's not so much that. Translate:
21 My mother is... Translate:
22 ...the mother that I knew in Kasarelia, is my real mother. Translate:
23 Your mother left you behind on earth, because she believed that would be what's best for your life. Translate:
24 But, now that she is our Queen, she'll be able to protect you. Translate:
25 So you were always on the battlefield... Translate:
26 Yes! Translate:
27 This child has fought on even with this weak little body and has seen many people around her die in the fires of battle. Translate:
28 Your mother will protect you from now on. Translate:
29 Do you honestly want to return to the battlefield!? Translate:
30 Shakti... Translate:
31 You've grown up. Translate:
32 Let me hold you, Shakti. Translate:
33 You've done so well... Translate:
34 The hidden camera is working. Translate:
35 Shakti is finally speaking after all this time. Translate:
36 We've also been able to witness a touching scene. Translate:
37 With this, we can effectively prove to the populous that Maria and Shakti truly are related. Translate:
38 What's wrong, Katejina? Translate:
39 What exactly is your ambition? Translate:
40 I want to use my status as the brother of Maria to promote a motherly society proposed by Fonse Kagatie. Translate:
41 As it stands now, Zanscare is still a society that's biased towards men's rules and ideals. Translate:
42 Princess Shakti, you say? Translate:
43 Couldn't Shakti use her influence to make Zanscare a better place...!? Translate:
44 Knock that off! Don't you realize where we are!? Translate:
45 Don't talk nonsense! Translate:
46 Suzy's been with Shakti the whole time, so that's why she was allowed to freely come here. Translate:
47 That's right. Translate:
48 Hey, Uso, do you want to meet Shakti? Translate:
49 Does it matter? They still haven't come out of there yet. Translate:
50 She's probably thrilled to have found her real mother. Translate:
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