Victory Gundam - 31 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Motorad, Take off!{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 That's right. Make sure you grab it properly. Translate:
3 Hold it just like that. Translate:
4 Correct, that's the way. Translate:
5 That's good, Odelo. Translate:
6 Piece of cake...! Translate:
7 Try not to move too slowly. Translate:
8 See? They can do it if they try. Translate:
9 But, isn't suddenly asking them to resupply to the White Ark a bit much for them? Translate:
10 They're only doing basic work, it'll be fine. Translate:
11 Karrel, get Tomache and Odelo to follow me. Translate:
12 You coming to the White Ark with us? Translate:
13 - I'm waiting here for Uso.\N- Me too. Translate:
14 Then, I'll be taking this. Translate:
15 Just make sure you're not spotted! Translate:
16 And, they left. Translate:
17 It's boring here... Translate:
18 Why do you say that? Translate:
19 After all the effort it took to reach this League Militaire's manufacturing plant, there's nothing we can do to help. Translate:
20 No, we can help. Translate:
21 We can do the laundry, the baths, food rations... Translate:
22 While it shouldn't always be a girl's work, people have to keep on living like normal, and that's real important. Translate:
23 I'm impressed, Suzy. Translate:
24 What's the matter with you? That's what you taught me, Shakti! Translate:
25 Get a grip! Translate:
26 Is that right? Translate:
27 Did the Reinforce Junior's people already leave!? Translate:
28 They're still here, what's the matter? Translate:
29 We've received word that BESPA's Motorad ship fleet has begun preparations to depart for earth! Translate:
30 Juca, we're going to head out too.\N- Roger! Translate:
31 BESPA's fleet is on the moon? Translate:
32 I heard rumors that went something like that... Translate:
33 Something big is going to happen again... Translate:
34 BESPA's fleet is on the moon? Translate:
35 Suzy, I'm leaving Karl with you. Translate:
36 Okay, but... what's the matter? Translate:
37 There's something important that I have to do. Translate:
38 Now, now... Translate:
39 Uso's mother wanted to investigate that suspicious tunnel... Translate:
40 ...perhaps that's where their fleet's stationed. Translate:
41 Shakti, to find Uso, turn right on that road. Translate:
42 It's all right. Translate:
43 Where are you going? Translate:
44 If there's a locked off tunnel in the otherwise neutral city of Saint Josef, it should lead directly to where the Zanscare forces are. Translate:
45 As the daughter of the Queen and a relative of Cronicle, I should be able to get them to listen to my request... Translate:
46 So they were the rebels you ran into here in this city? Translate:
47 What did you think of those kids when you saw them? Translate:
48 The young kids that saved that suspicious female spy, are more than likely Uso Ewin and his companions. Translate:
49 From the way this looks, I'd say that's more than likely. Translate:
50 We must ensure that the Motorad fleet successfully arrives on earth. Translate:
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