Victory Gundam - 36 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso and Odelo, having both successfully infiltrated Cronicle's battleship... Translate:
2 ...ended up seeing both Shakti and Uso's mother, but were only able to save Shakti in the end. Translate:
3 The Motorad Squadron continued their powerful charge into the North American Territory. Translate:
4 Mother Returns to the Earth{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
5 Come on and give us a hand here! Translate:
6 The final repairs on your mobile suit have been finished! Translate:
7 As the final components are being prepared, head towards the ship at point SC21! Translate:
8 We won't be able to reform this world into a place where humanity can thrive... Translate:
9 ...until we can rid it of both the League Militaire and the Federation's influence. Translate:
10 The repairs on the V2 haven't been completed yet? Translate:
11 Yes, we've not yet heard from the Reinforce Junior. Translate:
12 So the portion of the Motorad Squadron that escaped to the skies wasn't the only group?\N- Correct. Translate:
13 All right, go ahead and start the tests on the main engine! Translate:
14 Can you hear me? We need to speed up the checkup on the monitor! Translate:
15 Only part of the Motorad Squadron has flown ahead, which means Cronicle's group should still be somewhere nearby, correct? Translate:
16 Well, even once we find them, we still need to remember that they're carrying a hostage. Translate:
17 Even if we do manage to save Uso's mother, we still wouldn't be able to make the ship stop. Translate:
18 We'll be setting off as soon as the repairs are complete. Translate:
19 Go ahead. Translate:
20 The Federation forces will help us flank and sandwich the nearby Motorad fleet. Translate:
21 Right!\N- We're leaving! Translate:
22 No, you can't do that! Translate:
23 Shrike team, get ready for departure! All hands, move it! Translate:
24 Again? Translate:
25 Wake up, they're making you guys launch! Translate:
26 Don't worry about it. Translate:
27 But I let Aunty down... Translate:
28 It was what my mother wanted me to do. You understand that, right? Translate:
29 That's true, but...! Translate:
30 This time, the main objective of this operation will be to rescue Muller Miguel. Translate:
31 Understood. Translate:
32 Don't blow up those battleships with the tires, just make them stop, right? Translate:
33 That's right. Translate:
34 Marbet, V1, heading out! Translate:
35 Odelo, Tomache, you two will cover us from the rear, got that? Translate:
36 - Roger!\N- You can leave that to us! Translate:
37 That's the Federation battleship in front of us that'll be assisting the League Militaire's efforts. Translate:
38 In other words, the Reinforce Junior and the Federation battleship will be attacking us from separate positions, Strategic Commander Pippiniden. Translate:
39 Roger that. You should be able to catch up with us soon, Commander. Translate:
40 Yes, thanks to your directions, mentor. Translate:
41 If that's the way you feel, could I ask you to listen to a request of mine? Translate:
42 What is it? Translate:
43 There's a man named Goz Barl over on your end. Translate:
44 I'm hoping that you won't prevent him from choosing his own course of action. Translate:
45 His own course of action? Translate:
46 It won't cause you harm. Translate:
47 I'd simply like to render the white one and the Reinforce Junior helpless before our negotiations have been completed. Translate:
48 I hear that we'll be able to stop the fight with the Federation. Translate:
49 However, I won't stop until we're sure we've finished their white bastard off! Translate:
50 You don't wish to comply? Translate:
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