Victory Gundam - 40 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Upon arriving in Kasarelia, Uso and his crew were attacked by some of BESPA's remaining troops... Translate:
2 ...and fought against them bitterly, knowing the limit of their own abilities. Translate:
3 Uso was forced to reflect on the fact that he would have had to kill the entire squadron if he didn't have the V2's wings of light. Translate:
4 At last, Kasarelia was able to have a peaceful night of rest from the conflict. Translate:
5 Under the Super Aerial Attack{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
6 What is it? Translate:
7 You'll wake up all the others if you keep doing that. Translate:
8 Uso? Translate:
9 Did you hear it? Translate:
10 You were able to hear it as well? Translate:
11 I did. Translate:
12 I wonder who's up there in the skies this time? Translate:
13 What's going on here? Keep it down! Translate:
14 Is it BESPA? Translate:
15 Where!? Translate:
16 Could you hear that bell sound? Translate:
17 Bell? Translate:
18 It seems to be making Karl happy. Translate:
19 Uso, we're heading for Largaine now. Translate:
20 Take care! Translate:
21 See? The forest's air is a little bit different. Translate:
22 Yes, I'm getting used to it. Translate:
23 Did your father go over by that lake? Translate:
24 I hear they spotted an empty house they could stay in. Translate:
25 Did Uso head to Largaine? Translate:
26 They're going there to retrieve the booster which will allow the White Ark to return to space. Translate:
27 Why? He should've stayed here with us. Translate:
28 Right? Translate:
29 That guy's better off when he's focused on his work. Otherwise, his mind just starts to drift. Translate:
30 Just a little more slowly now, that's too fast. Translate:
31 Mr. Otis, Ms. Juca, I'll leave the check-ups to you. Translate:
32 Mr. Romero... are we seriously taking this thing back into space? Translate:
33 BESPA's only using the cease-fire to stall for time, while the Federation's using it as an excuse to not have to do anything. Translate:
34 I don't want that old man to make all of our decisions... Translate:
35 While we're not allowed to speak what's on our mind, his opinion is correct at this point. Translate:
36 - Is everything ready on your end?\N- Yes. Translate:
37 Alright... Translate:
38 Hey, that's dangerous! Translate:
39 - He saw us...\N- Run! Translate:
40 Those two girls... Translate:
41 Leave this place! Get lost! Translate:
42 Stop that! Translate:
43 The people here were the ones who killed father! That old man said so! Translate:
44 Yeah, he did! Translate:
45 Otis, hurry up here. Translate:
46 Your father was a soldier! Translate:
47 You can't go throwing stones at others! Translate:
48 You'll make the good name of your father look... Translate:
49 Umm, I'm sorry. Translate:
50 I'm one of those who went out there to fight. I'm sorry! Translate:
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