Victory Gundam - 42 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Uso's father Hangelg Ewin is the appointed leader of the League Militaire onboard their new flagship, Jeanne D'arc. Translate:
2 Uso tells his father of his mother's death... Translate:
3 ...and finds himself shaken because of how much his father has changed. Translate:
4 But during the struggle against Pippiniden's space fleet... Translate:
5 ...Uso displayed his mature attitude before his father in order to attract his attention. Translate:
6 Fresh Blood Swirls in the Light{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
7 Trying to finish me off with that shield!? Translate:
8 Somebody saved me! Who was it? Translate:
9 Odelo and Tomache? Translate:
10 They've always been protecting me. It's great! Translate:
11 Uso, we're the ones who helped you out this time. Translate:
12 But, Uso, don't you think you're pushing yourself too hard just because you're father's watching you? Translate:
13 Pushing myself? Translate:
14 I'm not feeling emotional because of this... Translate:
15 As a pilot, if I can't keep my battle skills consistent, my father will hold me responsible! Translate:
16 What a pesky ship... Translate:
17 The first defense line has been broken! Translate:
18 Captain Tassilo's Shubaten doesn't appear to be moving yet. Translate:
19 That's correct. Translate:
20 Their ships have all gathered approximately 4000 meters away from the our flag-ship. Translate:
21 They're not going to make any moves before we request for assistance. Translate:
22 Retreat to the second defense line! Translate:
23 Our enemies are retreating! Translate:
24 Odelo! Tomache! Did you get that? Translate:
25 There's no way they could have known! Translate:
26 BESPA still has several ships... we'll be in trouble if they all gather together. Translate:
27 They've set up defenses to protect their escape! Translate:
28 Uso, enough. Translate:
29 That should be all we need to do. Translate:
30 Retreat for now. Translate:
31 But! Translate:
32 There are even more ships of the fleet back behind the Rasteo. Translate:
33 That ship seems to be the fleet where the mobile suit on that flying saucer suit came from. Translate:
34 The big suit on top of the flying saucer? Translate:
35 Perhaps that's the mobile suit that was making that ringing sound... Translate:
36 And, even further back behind that fleet, is the ring they're calling Angel Halo. Translate:
37 But, the assault fleet retreated so quickly this time... why do you think they did that? Translate:
38 There are too many of us. We scared them off. Translate:
39 That's right. Translate:
40 From now on, it's only going to get tougher. Translate:
41 They'll be sending more battle fleets at us from the Angel Halo. Translate:
42 I think I heard those bell sounds coming from that direction... Translate:
43 But, Karl's been quiet. Translate:
44 Why? Translate:
45 Those bell sounds... Translate:
46 ...are different from the ones we heard down on the earth. Translate:
47 They sound almost like something that's trying to lure people into fear. Translate:
48 You kept hearing it? Translate:
49 It's different from hearing it... Translate:
50 I just feel it in my mind. Translate:
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