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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 The defense of the Angel Halo has begun, with Mutterma Sugan's fleet currently taking the lead. Translate:
2 As the League Militaire was unable to break its way through, Tassilo Vago betrayed Kagatie and made a clean getaway with Queen Maria. Translate:
3 The Women's Battlefield{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
4 This city's been directly receiving the Angel Halo's waves from above. Translate:
5 Its masses have fallen into a deep sleep... Translate:
6 It's signs of deterioration. Translate:
7 Deterioration.... at this rate they'll completely deteriorate into mental infants. Translate:
8 These images are showing us what'll continue to happen if nothing's done. Translate:
9 Unfortunately, solving this won't be nearly as simple as "Sleeping Beauty". Translate:
10 A sleeping life that doesn't receive care will only rot. Translate:
11 Right. Translate:
12 If we let Angel Halo land on earth, it'll lead to people's cells deteriorating quicker which causes a deadly rapid aging process. Translate:
13 This V2 buster also has a missile pod! Translate:
14 Boy, you won't escape from me! Translate:
15 Does that Energy pack have unlimited energy? Translate:
16 They missed her! Translate:
17 Try this! Translate:
18 What!? He got it?! Translate:
19 Which one's the ship heading towards the moon? Translate:
20 It could be the Shubaten... Translate:
21 I'm not going to let you reach Tassilo! Translate:
22 Why won't you bring Shakti here with us? Translate:
23 Shakti could probably "work together" with those League Militaire kids. Translate:
24 Work together...? Translate:
25 They can mentally react to one another... Translate:
26 No way... Translate:
27 The Angel Halo will soon start moving again. Translate:
28 But, to hand Shakti over to Kagatie... Translate:
29 It was unavoidable. Translate:
30 I still don't have the power to take Shakti yet. Translate:
31 So I just pray in the middle of this ring, correct? Translate:
32 That's right. Translate:
33 This way, this Angel Halo will be enhancing and broadening your prayers throughout the battlefield, Princess. Translate:
34 Then the soldiers who are fighting will finally forget about one another's enmity? Translate:
35 That's right. Old men don't need to remain in authority. Translate:
36 This will all be for the true peace of mankind. Translate:
37 I've heard enough of your explanations. I'll begin praying now. Translate:
38 Everyone, please lend me your strength. Prayer is a thing which can fill a person with calmness, and lead them to forget about the foolishness of batt Translate:
39 No problems so far? Translate:
40 Right, there's a high possibility of success. Translate:
41 Everything is going well so far, Admiral Kagatie. Translate:
42 The Princess' "psycho power" is pure and strong. Translate:
43 Yes, they are related after all. Translate:
44 It's just as I had predicted. Translate:
45 But now there's someone I still can't forgive... Translate:
46 That bastard, Cronicle... Translate:
47 Maria's daughter was so close by and he dared to hide this fact from me! Translate:
48 It's loitering around us, below the Reinforce. Translate:
49 Yes, but the White Ark has gone too far ahead. Translate:
50 Jinn Gehennam, you're not worried, aren't you? Translate:
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