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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [hiro11]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\pos(352,310)}The Battle Called Upon by Hate{\fad(300,300)} Translate:
2 - Quickly, recall all of our mobile suit teams!\N- We'll need to prep them for an inter-atmosphere battle! Translate:
3 Ensure that resupplying the V2's armor and weapons are top priority! Translate:
4 No you idiot, it's not simply the higher-ups orders! This mobile suit infiltrated the Angel Halo and will be doing so again! Translate:
5 Father... Translate:
6 Shakti made it back with you as well. Translate:
7 Yes, but I'll be returning to the Angel Halo once more. Translate:
8 I've heard what happened... Translate:
9 But, next time you successfully make it into the Angel Halo, make SURE you take out that key control room! Translate:
10 But, Shakti intends to return to the key room so that she can rescue the 20,000 psychickers still inside the ring. Translate:
11 Which do you believe to be more important, the lives of 20,000 people or the destiny of all humankind? Translate:
12 If we can free the psychickers, the Angel Halo will stop. Translate:
13 Shakti your head doesn't hurt anymore, right? The air up here's pretty thin. Translate:
14 I'm fine. I get where you're coming from. I'll make sure the Angel Halo's stopped. Translate:
15 Allow us to handle the Sugan fleet and the Motorad Squadron. Translate:
16 I'm counting on you. Translate:
17 The V2 and Reinforce Junior are to go together and destroy the Angel Halo, is that understood? Translate:
18 Roger that. Translate:
19 Relax in the gun room while your weapons are being resupplied. Translate:
20 Shakti, it'll be your responsibility to lead Uso and ensure that he finishes his mission safely. Translate:
21 Right... Translate:
22 Uncle Ewin wishes I had died... he's still thinking like I'm one of them. Translate:
23 I'll get V2 to strike them directly from the Jeanne D'arc. Translate:
24 Good work. Translate:
25 We're going to break directly through the Sugan fleet that's ahead of us. Translate:
26 With the earth right here below us, remember, if we don't want all life on it... Translate:
27 ...to revert to the state it was in 30 million years ago, we must destroy our enemy! Translate:
28 Why 30 million years ago? Translate:
29 Some estimate that life here began 35 million years ago. You don't want us to end up back in that state, do you? Translate:
30 That's right. Translate:
31 Once the V2 Assault has launched from the Jeanne D'arc, the Shrike team will depart! Translate:
32 At this stage, no matter what happens Uso, you must make sure that the Angel Halo's completely destroyed! Translate:
33 Roger that, Mr. Jinn Gehennam of the Reinforce. Translate:
34 V2 Assault, launching! Translate:
35 We're counting on you, Uso.\N- Right. Translate:
36 You ready, Shakti?\N- Go ahead. Translate:
37 Uso's left. Karrel, once the rest of us have set off, head back and wait for further instructions. Translate:
38 Roger! Translate:
39 What? The Shrike team's our backup? Translate:
40 It's not the assault team? Translate:
41 It's beginning, Tomache. Translate:
42 I'll take the front! Translate:
43 No, we need to stay in the middle and protect the rear! Translate:
44 But...! Translate:
45 The Shrike team is catching up with us. Translate:
46 That's right, They understand that we'll all have to work together in this. Translate:
47 The League Militaire's forces have now entered firing range! Translate:
48 But...Right now our forces still aren't ready to... Translate:
49 - What should we do? Translate:
50 The Angel Halo can still function when using the psychickers as "batteries", Translate:
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