Hachi One Diver 07 [En]

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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [ninoshingo]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Aiming to become a professional Shogi player... Translate:
2 the man whose dream was broken, Kentaro Sugata. Translate:
3 Fought with the three True-Sword Masters. Translate:
4 And against his final opponent, Kirino, Sugata... Translate:
5 I lost. Translate:
6 He was defeated. Translate:
7 That meant that Soyo became Kirino's possession. Translate:
8 While dazed and in shock, Sugata... Translate:
9 once again met with the man who he fought fiercy with. Translate:
10 Become my apprentice! Translate:
11 Sugata who became Two-Gods apprentice waited for... Translate:
12 It's a deathmatch. Translate:
13 Regardless of the time of day, they played and intently studied Shogi until collapsing. 24-hour Shogi. Translate:
14 It was all for making up for his lose against Kirino. Translate:
15 By becoming much stronger. Translate:
16 You are now completely stronger than me. Translate:
17 After ending the training, Sugata once again challenged Kirino. Translate:
18 I will stomp you. Translate:
19 Miruku-san has already become mine. Translate:
20 What did he see then? Translate:
21 Champion!? Translate:
22 This is... Translate:
23 Yes. My professional is a doll maker. Translate:
24 My dolls are coveted around the world as a perfect work of art. Translate:
25 Living humans and dead humans. I make dolls that are... Translate:
26 in-between the two. Translate:
27 And this Miruku-san is my greatest masterpiece. Translate:
28 This is Miruku-san. Translate:
29 Below her maid uniform, the soft skin. Translate:
30 From the finger tips, the body hair is there. A painstaking reproducton. Translate:
31 You are hopeless. Translate:
32 Because you lost the match. Translate:
33 Her shape was taken by me as compensation. Translate:
34 I will say it one more time. Translate:
35 Miruku-san is already mine. Translate:
36 If so! Translate:
37 If I win, hand over this doll! Translate:
38 No. Translate:
39 What will you bet in this match? Translate:
40 My love confession to the Champion.\NWhat!? Translate:
41 Like I said. A confession to the Champion. Translate:
42 Champion! Translate:
43 I came.\NWhat do you mean you came!? Translate:
44 You...confessing to Miruku-san... Translate:
45 is that a bet?\NOf course. Translate:
46 Because you and I both like her. Translate:
47 I like her as a doll. Translate:
48 And...\NAnd?\NDidn't you just confess to you? Translate:
49 No way... Translate:
50 I did such a stupid...!? Translate:
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