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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [yaguzadech]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 {\i1}Timing and Subtitles by the Sniff Sniff Team @viki.com{\i0} Translate:
2 Why can't I stop sweating? Translate:
3 {\i1}Excuse me, Miss.{\i0} Translate:
4 Hey! Stop! What do you want? Translate:
5 - Your fragrance just exulted me.\N - Excuse me? Translate:
6 I'll be here to smell your scent every day. Translate:
7 Whoa! I'm getting inspiration! I am! Translate:
8 But when you did it... Translate:
9 I didn't dislike it. Translate:
10 {\i1}Heads up!{\i0} Translate:
11 Remember the man\NI was talking about earlier? Translate:
12 He never called me! Translate:
13 Let me tell you one thing. Translate:
14 Men don't want a relationship when they get sex. Translate:
15 Hah! I'll engrave that in my mind! Translate:
16 - Yaeshima?\N- Yes? Translate:
17 I'm so sorry! Translate:
18 Yaeshima, are you not feeling well? Translate:
19 You've made quite a few typos in this. Translate:
20 I'm sorry. I'll rectify them right away. Translate:
21 Take the rest of the half day off,\Nand have some rest. Translate:
22 No, but Translate:
23 It's fine. Being at work in this state isn't safe. Translate:
24 Maybe you should replace this calculator. Translate:
25 Don't push yourself, okay? Translate:
26 Yes. Translate:
27 Natori, we have two choices for the limited edition wrapping. Which is better? Translate:
28 Yellow! It fits the scent. Translate:
29 I thought so, too. Translate:
30 And Natori, Translate:
31 A tie-up proposal from Lior is at work, and they need a response by the end of the day. Translate:
32 By the end of the day That's tough. Translate:
33 Maybe I'll skip lunch today. Translate:
34 Really? Translate:
35 Natori is surrounded by people all the time! Translate:
36 Popular men are different, right? Translate:
37 Sorry Translate:
38 I spray a little bit of eau de toilette\Non a steamed towel Translate:
39 A steamed towel! Translate:
40 It's a great idea! Translate:
41 Don't let anyone sniff your scent. Translate:
42 {\i1}Men don't want a relationship when they get sex.{\i0} Translate:
43 Natori? Translate:
44 Natori? Translate:
45 Yaeshima! Translate:
46 How did you know? Translate:
47 By your scent. Translate:
48 Do I smell that much? Translate:
49 Honestly, it's too intense for me right now. Translate:
50 You smell just like last night. Translate:
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