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ผู้อัพโหลดซับภาษาอังกฤษ [yaguzadech]

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No. English Subtitle Thai Subtitle
1 Alright! Translate:
2 Let's begin the Living Together\Nmeeting! Translate:
3 Okay! Translate:
4 So, first things first! Let's go with\Nthe brainstorming. Translate:
5 Brainstorming? Translate:
6 Yes. Translate:
7 So, we will separate expenses like\Nutility bills or rent... Translate:
8 Then we will set the ground rules for\Nother arrangements. Translate:
9 And we will write them\Non these sticky notes. Translate:
11 Let's put the washstand here. Translate:
12 There's something I want in the washstand... Translate:
13 Okay, what is it? Translate:
14 A soap stand. Translate:
15 Yes, not only to store the soap Translate:
16 but to let it dry after we use it. Translate:
17 Hm. Translate:
18 And I like the faint scent Translate:
19 if we keep the soap like that. Translate:
20 Let's do it! Translate:
21 Thank you. Translate:
22 Thank you. Translate:
23 Well, I'm vaguely picturing our bedroom... Translate:
24 In the extreme case, Translate:
25 if we do it every night once we start\Nliving together... Translate:
26 - Every night?\N- How often will we wash the sheets? Translate:
27 For me, it will be a huge waste Translate:
28 to wash the sheets\Nthat still have your scent. Translate:
29 Well, it's impossible to do it every night,\Nanyway. Translate:
30 What? Translate:
31 What? Do you want to do it every night? Translate:
32 What? Translate:
33 No, I didn't mean that. Translate:
34 I'll do my best if you want to. Translate:
35 No, you don't have to! Translate:
36 SWEAT AND SOAP Translate:
37 Sorry to keep you waiting. Translate:
38 I'm Urasawa. I'll be assisting you today. Translate:
39 Thank you. Translate:
40 Hello. I'm Urasawa. Translate:
41 Nice to meet you. Translate:
42 Nice to meet you. Translate:
43 Are you two newlyweds? Translate:
44 Oh, no. Translate:
45 We're thinking about living together\Njust yet... Translate:
46 Sorry about the presumption. Translate:
47 I'll be back with information\Non the property you have requested. Translate:
48 Please give me a moment. Translate:
49 Did you see how he blushed at a light jab\Nof newlyweds? Translate:
50 Yeah. Go get them to seal the deal. Translate:
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